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Can I make an offer or will you contact me if this item is reduced further. It is a "summer" item
Is the plug for the selleti monkey lamp for a USA outlet or European? How long does shipping take to Virginia?
Hi! What is the total length of the chandelier, is it adjustable, and can it be mounted on a sloped ceiling?
Hi there,Is there an option to choose the black marble cheese board?Jackie
does the faucet and other pieces come with it
is the faucet included
Wie viel teilig ist das Geschirr set?Wie lange dauert der versand?
Are you able to have the item arrive in Tokyo by 14th Oct 2019?
Non riesco a distinguere nell’ordine le diverse misure? Potete aiutarmi?
Les ampoules sont-elles comprises avec La suspension ref Lulieres pendantes créatives de cage à oiseaux ?
quelles sont les dimensions hauteur etc
Pourais-je avoir la fiche technique ? le diamètre de 40 cm n'est pas celui de la suspension originale Flos ? est-ce une copie en plus petit ?
Pourrais-je recevoir la fiche technique ? le diamètre de 40 cm ne correspond pas à la suspension originale Flos. Est-ce une copie en plus petit ?
Could you Please quichly send details and mesurement data about the item. Thank you Tobias Schlicht
Quali sono le dimensioni del prodotto?
Salve quanto è la misura precisa del lampadario?? Funziona con il telecomando o con la presa sulla parete ?? È cinese ?
Please provide overall cost for shipping your L-8 cold-water swivel-single facet to me, here in Madrid, Spain, to include product cost of $43.16, S&H and local tax. Thanks.
Does this valve have an AVB?
Hacen envíos a México
I want to verify that this pendent includes all pieces, not just the glass piece, and ask how long the chord is. Thank you!
What are the dimensions of the light fixture? I only see the dimensions of the package
just wondering, how long do the batteries last. and are they easy to change all the time, this is the cheapest price I've seen for these taps.
how many tubes for this suspension ?thanx ;)
Bonjour Peut-on avoir l'ensemble des détails des caractéristiques (tailles), et est-il possible d'acheter la partie robinetterie thermostatique seule ?Merci d'avance
What are the dimension options for this fixture in inches?Thank you.
BonjourFournissez-vous les autres pieces assorties ? Bonde plus trou evacuation du trop plein ?Merci
I love the design but need a downward light. Does this light work turned down or will be bulb show? Thanks, S
Is there an on/off switch
Does this light have an on off switch, other then hooking it up to a wall switch? Thanks
Hello, I am just wondering if this light is suitable to be fitted in a bathroom. Thanks, Hannah
Hello! Can the light be pointed upwards? Best, S
Is it hard wired or does it have a cord
Can you use LED bulbs with this light? Or can you only use incandescent bulbs
Is this light damp rated
Can the double light fixture be mounted on the wall horizontally rather than vertically
Can you tell me thd projection from the wall at its furthest point
Will these lights work with dimmers
Is this light suitable for a bathroom above a sink
Is this light UL rated
Would this light be suitable for over the sink in bathroom
Does this lamp require electrical installation or is plug in or battery powered?
Please I need the DimensionsThanks
Are these lights UL certified?
Hi what is the ip rating on this light
Is this fixture UL rated? Thanks
Are these compatible for use in the us
Hello, i was womdeting if i can use energy saving light bulbs
Does this include the flex
Is this UL approved
Can this fixture be flush mounted or semi-flush mounted
Will this light fitting accept an LED bulb
Hello Can this light be affixed to a dimmer switch ? Gary
Hi there, I just wondered if we could have the length shorter? When it says adjustable, how short can it go? Many thanks Kate
can the head be mounted on a sloped ceiling or will the main bar going down be tilted?
Is this product UL listed
Who is the manufacture of this light fixture
Is this light fitting dimable
Can these lights be hung outside or do you offer the same light but for outside use
Will this fixture work with a pull-chain
Does each individual light need to be hard wired
What is the width of the pendant thanks
Is this light exterior rated
hey...can you hang multiple from one canopy?
can this light be outdoors
Is the Randi Ball Pendant Light dimmable? Thank you
Can these be used outdoors in an uncovered area
What is the most incandescent wattage that can be used per bulb? Led bulbs ok? What is the wrapped globe made of, is it fire rated
\"Greetings, Please advise if this fixture is dimmable. Thank you
Can this light fixture be dimmable
What is the size of the shade
Does this come in any other color, i.e., silver
How do I order the cosmetic corner piece for the wall for this hose? I cant find it
What is the outside diameter of the escutcheon ring
Does the mount on this rotate
I like strong water massages, will these body jets produce That or just a normal spray
Do these body jets move around or are they in a fixed position
Does the shower head pivits
Do you have to use the tub spout
Whats the difference between standard and thermostatic valve? Can the hand shower and shower head be on at the same time
Are there led lights in the hand held unit also? If not, can they be added to the square style hand held sprayer
Does the shower head fit normal shower pipe fitting out of the wall, and is this a pressure balance system
Does the diverter allow both shower heads to work at the same time
Can you operate the hand shower and the main shower head at the same time
Can the hand-held be used on is own with the rainfall turned off? and vice versa? I dont want them to both be on at the same time
Can a tub spout be added to this.
Can I get flush mount body spray jets with this
Do you have LED rain head in the Bronze
Is this okay for outdoor use? Philadelphia, PA
Wondering if the shower head is adjustable
Hi, is the valve thermostatic
Can this prodct come with bigger shower head size 10inch or 12inch?
What is the shower head arm length and is the direction of the shower head adjustable
is the diverter included
Hi, what is the width of the shower head
What type of valve does this unit have
Can you turn all three faucets on at the same time? Or just one at a time
Can the shower head and hand shower be on at the same time
Does the shower head pivot? (can it be angled)
Does this shower diverter have 2 or 3 valves? I would like to have off, rain shower, hand wand or both rain shower & wand at same time if possible
Is this shower thermostatic
Does this come with the mixer as well? Or is it sold seperately
Do the LED colors reflect certain ranges of temperature, or is it just for looks?
Can the led light be switched on and off
How many inches is the wall mount shower arm
Does the shower head tilt
Does this include the rough in valve? And if not, how do I get one
How long is the shower hose
How long is the shower hose
Where is it made
Does the rough in come with this? If not, where can it be purchased on the site
Does this faucet come in a brushed nickel?
Can the spout and handles be mounted in different locations? Ex: spout mounted on back of tub, handles mounted on front
What is the instalation hole size ..and the on center dimensions
Does the faucet swivel? Thanks
What is the handheld. Sprayer made of
How long is the hose that runs from the hand shower
I purchased & recieved this item. There is no drain stopper assembly included. I need to know if you have this in the matching black finish that I can purchase? Thanks
Does this come with a deck plate for a 4in spread
Hello, I’m after your antique brass sensor tap but I need a matching goose neck kitchen mixer tap and yours seams to only come with the stand? We also need this ASAP. Thank you Sam
Can this be used outdoor
Will this faucet accept a 3/4” feed line or is it 1/2”
Is the spout reach for the tub faucet only 4.2 inches? Also, in chrome, is the handshower handle only made out of plastic
Does this faucet have a mixer or is the valve just an on/off valve
Hi, does this faucet swivel
Where are Brewst tub fillers made
Are the plumbing fittings suitable for plumbing hardware used in Australia
Can the height be shortened? I need about 30-36 inches
Does this faucet have an anti scald device built in
Can this type faucet be installed on a slab
What type of in wall valve is needed
Does this product come with a thermo valve or stops? This is not a pressure balance valve, how do we balance it? Thank you
Does this come in any other finish, such as brushed nickel
Hello, is it possible to order this without the shower part? I am ordering a separate system for that. Also, please email me the manual. Thanks
Please can you tell me how far into the wall cavity the fittings on the back of the taps and hand shower project as they may not fit? Thanks
What is the hand held shower length of hose? Is it easily retracted to its original placement
Is the trim kit included plastic
How long is the hand shower hose
can a shower be hooked up to this faucet or does it need to be separate in addition to the hand shower
Hello, does the handle, spout and hand shower have to be installed on the same wall, as shown in the picture, or could we mount the handle on a different wall
How wide is the spout where the water comes out
Can I get this fixture in santin nickel
Hello, I want to know if this faucet come with shut off valves? and require any other parts for instillation
Hello, I want to know if this faucet come with shut off valves? and require any other parts for instillation
Do I need to purchase water supply lines separately
Does this faucet have a temp control built in? Thanks
Hi, I was wondering if this came with a matching pop-up drain for the bathtub?Thanks so much!
We are in the USA. Do I need an adapter for this spout
Does the tap swivel? What is the length of the spout eg. distance from the wall
Is all hardware included with the faucet, or could you tell me everything that is included or that I need to purchase separately
How Far Away from the tub can the facuet be
Does this model feature a pull out spray function
can i attach a garden hose to the spout
Is this faucet compatible with a sprayer
does it come with adaptor plate to cover 2 holes on a 3 hole sink
What\'s the base width
Does this faucet come with a mounting plate for sinks with 3 holes
Why \"not suitable for low pressure?\" What is minimum presssure in PSI? We are planning on a new one-hole faucet for a motorhome
Does it pull out, like a spritzer
What\'s the distance between the cold and hot tubes,only because my current faucet is wall mounted but old,is there one standard size
Hi, l was wondering where the kitchen tap mixer was made. In what country
Is the alloy free from lead
HI What size are the hot and cold water connections ? Does the LED require any power pack? Thanks ceri
IS it magnetic catch when the nozzle is up
does this offer stream function as well as spray
What is the high of the faucet
What is the make and model please
Hi does the faucet move from left to right?
Is the spray head metal or plastic
Who manufactures this faucet
Does include the water filter system
Does this come with the water filter system
Is this faucet certified lead free
Are your faucets lead free by chance
Could you please tell me the thread sizes on the water hoses for these faucets, thank you
Is drain hole pipe included
does this product come with the drain stopper?
\"Does this faucet come with the flange/plate to cover the extra 2 holes in 3-hole sinks
Is there a lever to fill the sink
Does it have a pop up drain valve
Is it possible to get a escutcheon to have a 4\" spread with this faucet
Does hoses and stopper come with Item#J020817-1-CHROME
What is the width/diameter of the faucet at its base
Hi, can it be swivelled
I ordered many Dree faucets and they don\'t include the pop up? Why not
Does hoses and stopper come with Item#J020817-1-AB
What is the width/diameter of the faucet at its base
Hi, can it be swivelled
Does this faucaut have A trip lever to operate the waste water outlet ,instead of A plug
Does this product come with an overflow? If not can you give me the product number that goes with it? Thank you
I\'ve read in various postings that glass faucets show mineral buildup inside and are next to impossible to clean. How can this faucet stay looking new/clean
Hi, Does its comes with the op up drainer
Could this be used for a bath?
Can these be used for a bath
can this be used as a drinking water faucet
Is there a plug/drain to match Chester Antique brass wall faucets
Does this come with the valve system to go behind the wall
Does the valve have temperature control of just volume control
does the valve turn water off and on, or just volume? Can it divert to shower head
is this suitable for a bathtub
In inches, what are the dimensions of the wall plate of this fixture (height and width) Thank you
In inches\' how long is the spout from wall plate to end
Is the sink pop up included with the Dre 3 hole faucet?
Where is the drain stopper located on this faucet
Hi. Does this faucet fit standard-size US single-hole sinks?Thx!
Is the pop up included with faucet?
Does this come with matching drain assembly?
Can I ask you the width of the Faucet , is it 10centimeter or less
Can this be used as a bathtub faucet
How can the facets be fixed when only one color shows instead of three? Is there a battery in it?
Can this tap be fixed onto a one tap hole basin or does it have to go on the countertop
Does it have a drain? It doesn’t seem so. If not do you suggest something else?
What is the maximum spread between faucets?Is drain assembly included
Will this work on a 4\" center
Can the faucet be used as bathtub faucet. Can not seem to find on alone that is in brushed nickel
Can I purchase just the faucet and handles, without the plumbing part that goes in wall or is this as sold only for faucet and handles. We are wanting to change the faucet and handles only on my tub. Thank you
Can I use this for bathtub? Does it have enough water pressure,or would it take to long to fill
Do you need the rough in order to be installed
What are the two handles for? Hot and cold water or a temperature handle and an on and off water handle? Thanks
Is the rough valve includes
Hi, Just to confirm does this item come with the spout and hot and cold mixers
Can this be adjusted to work with a pre drilled 4\" center set vanity
Does this faucet come with a matching plug etc many thanks
what kind of drain do I need with this faucet?
How many batteries, which type, how do we change it. Tks
Is this faucet also avaliable in brush nickel
what is the closest the faucets can be installed as it says\"wide\" spread
how does the sink hold H2O I do not see a stopper feature w/ the faucet
does come with Pop up drain come with it .thank you
Are there any other handle styles available
How does the hot and cold lines connect to the bottom of the faucet
what is the base width
How far should i install the faucet to the vessel sink
Is this product certified to have low lead
How do i change batteries
What is the height of the plate from which the spout is attached
hi, handshower is not shown. can I get one with it? thanks
Is the spout fixed off center of the plate as shown, or is it possible to be centered
Do you need electricity power for the lights to work
Does this come with a matching deck plate so we could use this instead of a center set faucet? Thanks! Angela
Does the Inias classic single handle vessel sink faucet come with an integrated pop-up drain
What pop up sink drain will match this as the color is an odd variation of oil rubbed bronze
Does it come with a pop up drain
\"pullout hose that can be extended to 31.5\" (800mm)\"\" Does it come with 800mm house, or I have some how have to extend it to this size with additional part
Does the whole faucet swivel at the base of it
Does it include escutcheon (cover plate) for sinks with 3 faucet holes
do your single hole faucets come with escusion for 3 hole 4\" configuration
Does this faucet come with the bottom plate for a 3 hole sink. Thanks
Can the valve/handles flow rate be restricted or adjusted from 2.5 GPM down to 1.5 GPM
What is the diameter of the handles
Does the valve have temperature control of just volume control
does the valve turn water off and on, or just volume? Can it divert to shower head
Is this suitable for a tub
Does this include the spout and the faucet
Is it an 8 inch spread ? Thanks
Is the waterfall spout faucet adjustable, in other words can the water flow be adjusted.I love the faucet but the water flow is very low.Thanks
Does this come with the valve and everything we need to install
Is this unit more appropriate for a tub or a sink
Can you confirm how far away from the wall the water outlet is when wall mounted please? Is this the \"spout reach\" measurement
Is this unit more appropriate for a tub or a sink
I would like to know size of this fauset , the width & lenght of it. & care of it. Thank you
Hi, is the drain included with this faucet? If not, what drain goes with it?
what is the distance between handles. is it wide spread -8in
I purchased & recieved this item. There is no drain stopper assembly included
This faucet for sink or bath tub, I want to use this for my stand alone bath tub if it OK to use
do the led lights need batteries or do they charge with the water pressure
Do you have a plate to fit under this faucet as our sink has three holes
Does this faucet come in oil rubbed bronze
With this faucet be compatible with US plumbing
How high up on the wall should the faucet be mounted from the bowl
Our tub has a 4” deck that sits tight against the wall where this will be installed. Will the water flow without splashing on the ledge
I need to buy a drain assembly to match these wall mounted faucets and am wondering which ones I should buy given that there is no pop-up lever? Appreciate any insight you can offer. Thanks
Can this be used as a bathtub faucet
Is this black market? where is it made? any lead in this product
Hello Please could you tell the sizes of the 3 canvases Thankyou
Hello, can this painting be vertical instead of horizontal
Where can I find the chairs to the table?
Where do I purchase the matching chairs?
Is there any way this table can be customised for 12-14 people?? Many thanks
Does it come with a mirror? What are the dimensions?
Hi,When would I receive this if I placed the order today?
Whats the estimated delivery date for this item?
Does this sofa come in charcoal colour?
Are these cordless free no mains operation
I have a E11 LED bulb that I wish to use with this lamp. Does the medium sized lamp support this
Hello I will be buying a shelf unit and the depth is 11.811 inches which globe would look and fit the best as you don\'t say the base measurement
Hi, which sizes are able to fit a Philps Hue bulb? I need 3 of these, smallest possible model that can fit a Philps Hue bulb
How many ball lights do I receive for 69.99
On the large size, I can only use 1- 40 watt bulb
Is the light merely a glow or can it illuminate a 35 inch diameter white table top where I eat my meals. Single lady don\'tcha know! Ref: Diosu Modern White Glass Ball table lamp. I was thinking the 5 inch would do if it were bright enough. Is the 9 inch much brighter
Does this light have an on off switch
Do these met Australian Standard and if so can you please email me a certificate
Is this earthed (aka Class I), or double-insulated (aka Class II)
What is the weight of this light , please
Is it dimmable
Is this light switched or is it controlled by a wall switch
Hi Has this light got an inbuilt on/off switch or do you need to wire it to an independent wall switch? Thanks
Can this be hung from the ceiling
Hi, is this light suitable for use in a bathroom? To be used as an above mirror light? Thanks
Hi Could you please advise which lightbulb you sell that is suitable for this light??? 220/240V incandescent Thank you
Can you tell me what the IP RATING of the square black dingle wall lantern ? Thx
What brand is this
Can the lights be adjusted in different directions as well as sideways
Hi, Does it have a switch on the light itself
Are they screw ends
Can you use LED bulbs instead of incandescent
Is this wall light dimmable
Hi does the lamp holder have a switch on it? ..or does it require a separate swith? Thanks
Can the lights be adjusted in different directions as well as sideways
how long is this light fixture
What is the lumen output and color temp
I was wondering if these fixtures are dimmable
Hi, can this be used in a bathroom? Thanks
hi could this be used outside
Does this come with light bulb or is that separate purchase
\"Hi, I would like to use these light fixtures in a bathroom. Are they IP rated? Thank you, Rickie
Need to know the length of this fixture I\'m looking for something 36 inches long can you help me
Could you put a normal bulb or led light in it
Does this light have a knob or button to turn off and on
Is this light dimmable
\"Is this an indoor light? Would love something like this for out door lights
Does this light have a switch sconce
Hi. Are these LED wall lights dimmable
Is this fixture compatible on a dimmer switch
Please can you tell me if this light fitting work with a dimmer switch
Is this light fixture suitable for a bathroom? What is the IP rating
Is the light dimmable
Does the light need earthing
Is this light fixture UL listed
Can this be used in a bathroom? Thanks
I don\'t see fan blades. Is this a fan?
Is it a working fan?do you have ceiling fans?
Hi there is this dimmable
Does this actually work as a fan as well as a light
Is it safe for outdoor patio
Is the fan operable with the light off, in other words lights off at night and fan on
Is the light dimmable?
Is this adaptable for a sloped ceiling
Regarding Item #: J010404-2-1V. Would you please tell me the max & typical lumens output of this device. Also I would like to know specs on replacement bulbs. Thank you
Hi, could you please tell me if this light will work on a dimmer switch. Kind regards John
How far does this light drop from the ceiling? Thanks
Can this light go in a shower room
Is this light very difficult to fit
You advertise the finish to be chrome .... so, what part is chrome
How many inches from ceiling to entire length of fixture
Is this appropriate for a master bedroom
Is the large one available please
Can you please confirm if this light is dimmable
Is this light rated for a covered outdoor patio
can you use LED bulbs or do they have to be incandescent
where is my 20% discount? Price reverts back to regular in cart.
Can these bulbs be replaced? If not how long do they last?
Is this light dimmable?
Is this light fitting dimable
Will this work on a sloped ceiling
Are these stone fixtures UL listed
Hi, is it listed only for dry locations or could be used for a damp location (over bathtub)
Can this be installed with a vaulted ceiling
what is the overall hanging length of this pendant
Can I use and LED light in this fixture? how bright is the light? Thank you
Can this light fixture be dimmable
What is the size of the shade
Can this light be hung in a bathroom
Two questions, please: Is this made in China? Are crystals made of plastic? Thank you
How much does the fixture weigh? Will it dim on a dimmer switch
Can this be used on a slope ceiling
Would the center weight design work on an angled ceiling
If 59\" is the maximum fixture height, what would be the minimum height
Is this compatablie with uk power ratings
Is it dimable
What company makes this pendant? I\'m interested to know before I purchase please
Are these lights dimmable
Can this light be hardwired
Is this light UL listed
Hello - can these lights be used with a dimmer switch
Hello, is is fixture UL listed
What is the size of the globe
Is the light fixture UL listed? Thank you
What is the width of the beam
Can this be hung on a sloped/vaulted ceiling and the chains adjust to make it level over the table
is the light dimmable
Can you adjust the length of the bulbs by wrapping the cords around the beam
What do you mean this fixture has to be hardwired
Can it be installed on an outdoor covered lanai
Is the fixture UL Listed
Hi what is the weight of the item please
Can this be hung on a sloped ceiling
Are the bulbs dimmable
Can this item be used outside? Thanks does it have an IP rating
will this fixture work on a sloped ceiling
will it work with a dimmer
Is this UL listed
can this light be installed on a vaulted ceiling? Thank you for your help
I very interested in 2 of these lights for my foyer. Can you tell me who the manufacturer is? Thank you! Karen Miles
Can I use a dimmer switch/bulb with this fixture
Can we use a dimmer switch on this product
Is this fixture dimmable
Can use this fixture as an oudoor chandelier
Is this chandelier dimmable
Are they real deer antlers?
Is it dimmable?
Can you put it on a dimmer
What is the length and diameter of the white candle sleeve
Hello, Is this fixture dimmable? Thanks
Is this a damp or wet rated light
Hi, is this chandelier dimmable?
Can the links (pretty much almost all of them) be taken out to make this almost a semi flush mount ?
Will this chandelier work on a sloped ceiling
Weight & what kind of wood
Is this damp/wet rated
Can this be mounted on a sloped ceiling
Does this work on a sloped ceiling?
Is this dimmable? Will the crystals create a prism effect? Can LED lights be used
What is the ball hanging down in the middle for?
Can these be used outdoors
Is this light suitable for a covered porch
Can this light be hung on a sloped ceiling
Are these fixtures UL approved
Is this chandelier dimmable
Is this compatible with a dimmer
Can this be used outside under a metal roof gazebo
Does this light come in black
Is it UL listed
could this be used outdoors
Will this fixture work for a sloped ceiling
is this made in the US? If not what country is it made
How do you fix to wall
Does thisk towel bar come in a smaller size
Hi, can I tilt the shower head 90degrees straight down where the shower head faces down and when the water run straight down
How is the water controlled with this tub spout? Do I need to purchase a separate handle to turn the water off and on and to change the temperature of the water
Is there a diverter for the shower?
What is the flow rate (GPM)? Is this compatible with plumbing fittings in the United States
Does this have a diverter
Where are your jet wall flush made? Hubby would like to know
is the shower head holder made from brass and are there any plastic parts in the assembly
What water pressure does this product recommend
Is this product compatible with Delta 600 series
...what are the dimensions of the handle
Does this valve have the Anti-Scald feature, which is required for use in USA
Is this valve intended to be mounted vertically or horizontally
Does it need extra support? wouldn\'t the weight of the extension arm and the shower head affect the wall pipe connection
Does this product come with the flange
What is the capacity of this faucet
How is the water turned on or off? Is there another product I need to purchase to control the water and the water temperature
Is the flow rate typical for a tub spout, or is it on the low-end? Also- who is the manufacturer
What is the minimum pressure this can be used on ? Cheers
who is the manufacturer
Can you please let me know how many l/min at 3 bar
Does this shower head tilt a bit
Hello, Does this shower head have any restrictions regarding the height and length of the shower faucet arm
Who\'s the manufacturer of this waterfall rain shower head? Good reliable company
Hello, does this water fall + rain shower head require two water lines
Can you remove the water flow restrictor valve to increase water flow? Thank you
How many holes make up the waterfall
Does the shower diverter come with the 24 inch shower head
Can this shower faucet be installed flush with the ceiling
Can you install this shower head outside?
Is this wall mountable or ceiling only
Is this shower head really only 2.5gpm
Can the light function be switched off? Can it be used with any standard mixer tap
Does this shower head tilt a bit
Can I choose to have the lights off instead
Hi do you need power to shower for light or is it battery operated Cheers Monica
Is this wall mountable or ceiling only
Is this shower head really only 2.5gpm
Can the light function be switched off? Can it be used with any standard mixer tap
Can this be flush mounted
How heavy is the shower head? Can it be supported on a sixteen inch extension from the 1/2 inch wall pipe
Does this product take batteries and where does the batteries go if so
Does the shower have to be on in order for the light to work?
My plumber is asking me the brand of this Modern Thermostatic Rain Shower Exposed System. Please, could you confirm. Thank you. Charlène
Is the valve included in this or do I need to buy the valve separately for a new installation? Can it be used outdoors (not in wall plumbing)
Hi, could you confirm that both shower heads can be used at the same time (i.e. both ON)
Does this shower works outdoor which exposed to rain and sunlights
can you use the rain shower and the handheld simultaneously
Is the valve pressure balanced or thermostatic
Is this shower warranted for outdoor use? What is the black finish exactly, is it powder coated
Does this product or any of its parts contain lead
Can the hot and cold knobs be moved up
Can the hot and cold knobs be moved up
What is the spout reach
Does this shower works outdoor which exposed to rain and sunlights
can you use the rain shower and the handheld simultaneously
Is the valve pressure balanced or thermostatic
What\'s the different of Standard and Thermostatic Shower Valve?
What are the dimensions of the base of the spout and the base of the handles
How do I change the batteries there is no box
I don\'t see a drain plug lever on the back of this faucet. Is there one somewhere or will I need to purchase a pop up drain plug
will the diverter allow to run both the rain showerhead and the wand at the same time
Pl let me know if is plastic
Is this vale a pressure balanced non-scalding valve
Is this fixture rated for outdoor use
Does the valve blend hot and cold water
I was wondering if this shower can be installed on a glass surround? Thanks
I was wondering if this shower can be installed on a glass surround? Thanks
What is the difference between a standard valve and a thermostatic valve? Thanks
Who makes this product
Can you switch between rain and waterfall or are they both on all the time? What size is the supply fittings
how to install this waterfall ?
Can this be used as a bathtub faucet that is hooked on the wall instead of a shower head? Is the water debit enough to promptly fill a bathtub
Can you run the body jets and either the rain head or the shower wand at the same time
What is the piping size needed to run the system 1/2 or 3/4
Does the Shower head tilt? Just wondering whether or not the shower head can be move slanted/upward or downward
What is the height from the shower head to tub faucet? Thank you
What is the distance between the cold and hot water intakes
Hello. Do you have this style with a free standing floor mount? Thank you kindly
Hi, Whats the difference between standard shower valve and thermostatic shower valve
Can you still control hot and cold water temperature with a standard shower valve
Is the rain shower head adjustable? Can it be tilted instead of spraying straight down
Can you use the Rain shower and the handle shower at the same time
how long is the tub spot? Thanks
Can this be used outdoors? The brass construction makes it outdoor friendly, but is the black finish a powder coat? Or a glaze
What is the weight of the item
Hi, Does standard shower valve mean pressure balanced?
Hi- How long is the shower arm? thanks
Hi, can both the handheld and the rainhead shower function at the same time? Thanks
Where is this manufactured and by what company
What is the difference between a thermostatic shower and a standard shower please
how long is the included shower head arm, who is the mfg, and is the brushed nickel stain resistant? Thank you.
what is thermostatic valve
Can you use multiple functions at the same time with the 3 function valve? If not is there a valve you sell for that
what is the maximum height and do you ship to Hawaii?
Do you sell any exposed shower systems that can be installed outdoors?
Can this be used as an outdoor shower
Is this shower system available with scald protection
What diameter is the rain shower head
Who makes the Chester Collection
Is this a pressure balancing valve
\"Hi there Would this be suitable for use outside? Thanks
When can I expect to receive this item with shipping to El Dorado Hills, CA?
Is the balancing loop the same as thermastic valve
Is this product pressure balanced thermostatic valve
can the body sprays be swapped out for the flush mount on the shower kits
Can I position the body sprayers anywhere in the shower?
Can I position the body sprayers anywhere in the shower
Do you have to purchase temp controlled for the lights to change color
Can the different spray functions be used at the same time or can they only operate one at a time
Does the LED light require any type of battery or electrical connection
Are there silicone tips on rain shower and handheld for calcium buildup
Can you use lex piping for this system
Are the wall jets adjustable?? Can you move them in different directions while they are on? Do all of the prices come on at the same
what is the difference between the standard valve and thermostatic valve
whats the brand that makes it
How many gpm out of each of the six heads
Are these dimable
Do these bulbs dim
Are there any details on how long these kind of light bulbs last on average? Thanks
How many lumens does each bulb produce? Are the bulbs dimmable
Is this bulb dimmable
Are these bulbs suitable to be used with a dimmer switch
What is the output in Lumens and is this dimmable? Thanks
Do you have this product in 1-1/4" with no overflow?
How do you adjust to stop it from leaking water when shut
Can this drain be used for a bathtub
Will this fit my 2” wide threaded kohler tub
is this stopper available in 1.5 inch fine thread
Will this fit my 2” wide threaded kohler tub
Will this drain work in a regular sink? not a vessel. thanks
Will this work with my kindred sink with a. 1-1/4 opening
Will this work with a vessel sink?
Hi, does this work with a traditional undermount sink? (NOT a vessel sink)
Hi, does this work with a traditional undermount sink? (NOT a vessel sink)
Who is the manufacturer of these resin sinks? Also, how much does it weigh
Hello, is the drain included with sink in metric or in inches ? Thanks Tom
It has a pop-up drain. But HOW does it pop up
Is this this sink available with the faucet and water stop being antique bronze : https://www.homary.com/hot-melted-red-gold-leaf-shaped-tempered-glass-vessel-sink-waterfall-faucet-set.html
Does it come with the base
Does this basin come in a blue/silver colour scheme as opposed to the dark blue/black
What is the rough opening needed in the countertop for this sink to mount
Are there any specs sheets that give installation instructions for new construction?
I love the look of this sink! How is the water temperature regulated
Is this sink available in black
Is the pop up drain white.
Is the P-trap included with the sink? If not what size and type is compatible with the sink
Do you sale the mounting hardware necessary for a wall mount
Is this fixture UPC listed?
Can this sink be used as a vessel sink or does it have to be wall mount
Can this be placed on top of a cabinet box
Are you able to access the drain area for cleaning, removing hair, etc.?
Hi, I\'m looking for bone color.
can this accommodate a bidet adapter under the seat
What is the make and model# of the toilet
Does the toilet come in black
What is the overall height of toilet(toilet+tank)?
If I need a spare part where I can order from?
Hi am interested of buying elongated toilet but i can\'t see the checkoutpls help me know what to do to make the purchase
How to install this toilet?
What is the finish on the toilet button? And is it available in brushed nickel
is the wax ring included
Is this a sani flush toilet and what is the maximum height it will pump up
Who is the manufacturer of this toilet
Hi, I would like to know what brand is this toilet
What’s the weight of this tub
Can this tub be installed like a drop in tub, with a tub deck built around it.
Can you get this tub with a heater?
How much does the tub weigh
Does this tub have a heater
What’s the weight?
Can it ship any faster? I would need this fixture in 3 weeks or less
Is this pressure balancing
What are the dimensions of the base that attaches to wall
Will this work with a shower head too
I understand that this faucet comes out of China but who is the manufacturer? Is it a \"top\" brand such as Moen or Delta
need to know the diameter of the largest pieces so that I can drill the holes in my tub
What are the face plate measurements
Is the ledlight one colour or does this change to all three colours
Hello, Does this unit have a built-in thermostatic valve
available in brushed nickel
Is the overflow drain cover and drain included
Is possible to install in a concrete floor? Thanks
\"Do I need to purchase a valve for this faucet also? or will it come with everything I need Thank you
Is it low pressure
what kind of a mounting bracket do you need
is this a male or female connection? Also is this 1/2 inch NPT
Hello, Is there a thermostatic shower valve included or not? Thank you, ESM
What konb or valve does this use? Is that purchased separately?
Can this be used as a shower head
1. How long is the hand held shower hose? 2. Does the LED lighting require a battery or what?. 3. What plumbing hardware will I need to purchase
is handheld shower hose adaptable to any handheld shower (changeable)
Are the led mains or battery operated
How long is the spout
Hi - Can you tell me if this product is manufactured by Sumerain International
can this be reversed to have handles on the right side of spout verses the left
Or all thread connections USA, npt threads.
What are the thread specifications for the connections to the rough-in
Is this solid metal or is it a Chrome coated plastic faucet
Can I use this outside to feed a waterfall? Will it last or rust
Can this be used as a Bathroom Tub spout? Will the water come out quick enough
what is the maximum deck thickness for threads to fasten properly
Does the shower head pull out for a further length and if so how far
What are the mounting installation hole sizes? How large of a hole will the filler cover
We only need the spout and 2 handles. Would we have to use the shower handle? We don\'t really need that part.
What is the max distance a free standing tub can be away from this deck mounted faucet? We do not want our free standing tub right next to the wall, but we would not want the water to drip on the floor.
How do you install one thes
Who makes the faucet? What is the brand name
Do you have this faucet with the extra pot filler arm still in the gold
What is BRAND/Model # of this faucet
Does it come with a soap dispenser? If not, which one would pair up with it
Is this faucet compatable with a RO system
Can you turn the LED off? Also, does it have a steady stream and spray feature
Is there a push button for the Spray feature
Does this faucet have a sensor so the water can come out without touching it
I ordered this product 7/3/19 and I still have not received it,could you please find out why?Linda Bussell
How does it work? How do I turn it on and off
Is it stationary position 90 degrees from wall or does it rotate so the long shaft rests against the wall
In which direction do you swivel the tap to turn it on
How does this tap screw onto a wall?. Do you need access from the rear to tighten it
Is this for cold only, or does it have hot and cold hook ups
Hi there Where is your tape ware made
Is this tap suitable for low pressure
Is the pull out spray magnetic
Is the alloy of the tap lead-free
My existing faucet has 3 holes (hot & cold water lines and center faucet mount). Do you have a plate or plugs to cover the holes already in my sink
Does this faucet have a stead flow of water as well as the spray flow
Are the threads for the water lines standard US thread sizes? Or would I need adapters
Is this faucet lead free complaint for potable water use in the US and California
Does this faucet have a swing spout as needed for a double bowl sink
What brand faucet is this?
What brand is this faucet? Does the nozzle have a magnet to keep it secure in place once it retracts? How heavy is the weight that pulls it back
What brand is this faucet? Does the nozzle have a magnet to keep it secure in place once it retracts? How heavy is the weight that pulls it back
Do you have a soap dispenser to match this faucet
the pot filler can it be switched out so I can hook my portable dishwasher attachment
Does this gold faucet come with a gold conversion plate in order to cover the 3 holes currently on my sink
Are matching items such as soap dispenser or side spray available?
You have a side sprayer that matches this faucet
Is the lever on the left side of faucet or right? It\'s pictured both ways
Does this swivel for double bowl sink s/s
Who is the manufacturer or is this a generic faucet
need to know what size hole in sink to mount. sink I purchased already has hole drilled.
Is the small lever on the left for the water filter? Does the left lever hook up like a filtered beverage faucet? Thanks Tara
Can you please confirm that this faucet is lead-free
What is the filtering system? Is the filtering system come with the faucet? Is the filtering system integrated into the faucet
does this faucet have a pull out nozzle
Can I buy a separate side sprayer that would match this
Who is the manufacturer of this faucet,
Is this item lead free?
What is the weight of this faucet
Does this faucet come with a matching plate to cover additional holes
Hi, I wanted to get a
Is the spray kitchen mixer tap suitable for use in an outdoor kitchen
How do I test my water pressure to make sure this will be a good purchase
The \"crystal handles \" are they plastic or glass
What is the width of the faucet spout
Is this faucet an 8 inch diameter
Will this faucet accommodate a 4 in spread
Is there a way to open/close sink stopper
If I have three holes currently is there a plate included to cover the other two holes
is it for gravitational or pressurised systems
You indicate the spout reach to be 5.12\". Is that measured from the base of the faucet body, or is that measurement the total spout from front to back? Also, is this unit suitable for a 1-3/8\" hole size? Thank you. TR
How do you clean these faucets if there is sediment or buildup blocking the flow
pop-up drainage included
Do your product come with the drain assembly included in the finish you order?
Hello I need a matching overflow drain. Does it come with this faucet or do u sell one. Please let me know ASAP. Rick
Is this an 8\" widespread faucet? I want to make sure I get the appropriate sink
Does this faucet/fixture contain lead
does it come with the drain assembly thanks andre
I would like to use this for a vessel sink. Do you make it taller?
what size hole is needed for the faucet to go in the sink
How do u change the water temp
how does the water run on
Can \"suitable for single mounting\" be used for three hole mounting
How do these run? Do they run on electricity or battery
How does the Hot & Cold feature work on this I do not see any way to select Temp on the picture
How do I order the drain to match?
Does a pop/up drain come with this sink? Please advise. I love the faucet but do not see anything regarding the drain? Please advise
need drain assembly do u have one to match finish
How far apart are the holes
Are the red and blue dots on the faucets automatically? It is a feature that I don’t care for. Thanks
What are the handles made of (material)? What is the spout made of (material)
What is the power source? What type of battery is used?
Will this faucet fit an 8 inch widespread hole pattern? Thank you
Will this faucet work with a moen valve
With typical water pressure, how far does the water shoot out of the faucet
Can this faucet be mounted on a single whole sink with the control valves mounted on the wall
Do it have a part to plug the sink up
if I pay for faster shipping how fast can I get this faucet?
Does this faucet come in any other finishes
Is the LED battery or mains operated. If mains is it designed to fit into the mains circuit or the lighting circuit
What are all of the required pieces for this faucet? All drain assemblies, etc that I should buy so I can place one order and install. Thanks
Do you have for bathroom sink in gold
Can I get this faucet at any store in Miami
what material os this sink faucet made in The top
Is this faucet made to fit a glass vessel sink? I googled faucets for a vessel sink and it came up
Is there an option to turn off the light
Will this be compatable with my faucet in the US? What are the exact dimensions fo rthe hole of sink attachment? Thank you
Does this come in brushed nickel like the bathtub set?
Do U need an electrical hook-up for the led light
Is the wide spread 8inches
Are these compatible for US or European hose sizes
Does this only come with one color led light? Or does it change as the water is running? Thanks
is this for a bathtub or a sink? flow rate doesn\'t look very fast
Can the handle be switched to either left or right side
il seguente aricolo:"Captain flint Lampada da terra moderna semplice Kung E27 3W lampada a led Lampada da terra creativa paralume color oro nero"è la lampada originale della FLOS?Grazie saluti.
Is metal copper or brass? If brass, is it aged brass. Description of metal is confusing.
Can this fixture be mounted on a gabled ceiling or does it only have a flat mount canopy?
Is this for one or two vases?
What is the colour of the iron/steel part? Thanks
What size are these two jars and do you have any large pots without lids that could be used as a plant pot?
Quante lampade sono comprese? SalutiV
Im interested in the 61 or 72cm version. I have a high room so I need a long cable Is it possible to recive the item with 3 meter cable (steel and electrical cable)? thanks
buongiorno,vorrei acquistare queste lampade,vorrei sapere quanto misurano i fili di ognuna dal soffitto, o se sono uguali per tutte ed è possibile scegliere la lunghezza che si preferisce? grazie mille, e quanto tempo ci vuole per farle arrivare in Italia?graze tania
BonjourJe suis intéressée par le lustre : boule de verre Suspensions pour Escalier escalier éclairage hôtel Longue cage d'escalier lampeEn version cognac 15 boules.Pourriez vous m'indiquer les dimension et le poids du lustre svp.Merci
Is this chandelier dimmable?
Which of the 3 of these lights do you sale? Or are they sold in a set ?
Bonjour,Quel est le nombre de watt maxi ?Merci
j'aimerais avoir plus de renseignements sur le produit et le délai de livraison.Merci
Nel prezzo sono compresi tutte e tre le misure di cesti? Posso scegliere le misure che voglio? Il prezzo per ogni grandezza? Grazie
How many lumens does this product have?
vorrei comperare la lampada capitain flint in gold, cosa significa body color?
come faccio ad acquistare? non riesco ad entrare nel mio account. saluti grazie leonardo
How much would it be for items A, B ,C & D in blue color?
Hi scan you pls send me the widths of the lights in inches:Mirror glass pendant lightsThank you,Yudi
Does this faucet have a drain pull?
Je suis intéressé par le lustre cage d’escalier 19. Boules version cognac Quelle est la longueur des câbles Le poids total Et avez vous d autres photos MerciJoseph
Vorrei comprare 3 elementi uno per colore e vorrei sapere come si agganciano al soffitto, c'è una piastra unica o ogni elemento ha il suo?Se possibile vorrei ricevere delle foto, grazieps: anche un preventivo di spesa spedizione inclusa e tempi di consegna
Salve,Volevo effettuare l'ordine di 6 di queste lampade, di diverse dimensioni, ma dovrei avere la certezza che mi arrivino prima del 24 dicembre. Qui mi da come data consegna il 20. È DAVVERO QUESTA? MI ARRIVANO PRIMA DEL 24 DICEMBRE?IN ATTESA DI VOSTRA RISPOSTA. SALUTI. ILARIA
How long is the wire from the pendant to the ceiling?
What are the dimensions of these lights?
When I try and buy the item it keeps asking me to add the extra information needed which I am not sure what this?Its correct its free shipping to Germany right?How do you select the three light in a row?
Are there different material finishes? Example brass,bronze,silver?
Buonasera, è possibile sapere le dimensioni del lampadario?
what size ?
What's the size?
Is your Nordic Post Modern Simple LED Pendant light dimmable?
Please forward to my email a technical drawing with dimension.of goccia high chrome colòur thankyou
Where does this ship from? I’m in Boston. Possible to have before Christmas?
Quel longeur fait ce porte serviette ?
Modern Magic Lava Pendant Lights Tom Dixon.Your lights arrive in USA compatible with USA VOLTAGE/AMS?What is current price for 2 magic lights pendants, one copper the other gold color?
I am small Japanese company.Can
What is the diameter of the base of the light attaching to the wall?
Hi there,How much is this couch, including shipping costs. I live in the USThanks,Stef
Hi there,How much does the couch cost? I live in the US.ThanksStef
Bonjour,Je vois deux
Is this price for3 vases ?
Can I please have the dimensions of the glass fixture for the modern colorful glass pendant light hanging lamp. Also, how long each lamp hangs.
Avete il tris rubinetto lavabo bitet doccia.
What is height of lamp?
How long do these lights hang down?
Salve gentilmente di questa linea avete pure il set della doccia è del bidet
Theres no tab to choose a color
la lampada è Gallotti&Radice Bolle Sola Lampada?
Volevo sapere misure in cm.
品番の後にAC, DC とありますが、違いを教えてください。宜しくお願いします。
buongiorno, sarei interessata a questo rubinetto, è possibile sapere i tempi di consegna? grazie
Is this a plug in lamp?
could you provide the price
Could you provide the price for the "Modern 7-Seat Modular Sofa Round Sectional Sofa Beige Velvet Upholstered Modular Sofa with Ottoman & Pillows"Also what is the return policy if it does fit as expected. Thanks!
What is included in the set? How many cups
please provide detentions for a shower head and shower set
Bonjour,Quelle est la puissance en lumen ?What is the power in lumen ?Cordialement,
BonjourPouvez- vous nous dire quels sont les délais de livraison pour Pontoise 95300 (Val d'oise, France) ?Le site indique entre le 1er et le 17 novembre 2020 !C'est une erreur de votre site ? Si non c'est vraiment rédhibitoire !Cordialement Mme Abby
Do you ship to India?
How tall is it and are the clear glass globes round?
Please could you advise size and delivery time to the ukThanksJo
Are these lights UL listed?Thanks
What is width of fixture? How many sections of the main fixture body is required to be assembled?ThanksDebbie
Does the nightstand coming with a match bed or headboard? I see it in the picture but cannot locate the bed.
Do you deliver in Spain? I can't find Spain in the list to write it. Thanks a lot.I'm waiting your answer.
Salve, le chiedo cortesemente se mi potrebbe dire quanti watt ha ogni singola lampada per sapere l'illuminazione che hanno. Attendo vostre indicazioni
Is this hardwired? Can you change the bulb or when the light is out will it no longer work?
Do you have a fan with lights and remote control to match these pendant lights?
What is the size of the bulb for this.
Could additional chain length be ordered with fixture?
Bonjour, pouvez vous me dire dans combien de temps vous allez me livrer ma commande FR19122000000294.Cordialement.
Bonjour,J'aimerais savoir si ce produit est bien vendu à l'unité , s'il comprend le fil électrique de suspension ?Merci pour votre réponseCordialement
Czy mogę zapłacić za pobraniem
hello!plecase 1 buc.
Is this lamp available with smoke tinded glass?How thick is the glass - thin/chincy or of some quality?
what is the width?
bonjour pouvez vous m expliquer sur ce robinet mitigeur que veux dire froid froid
hi! this lamp is dimmable?
La Dimensioni degli oggetti?
Est ce qu'il y a tous les tuyaux et tout ce qu'il faut pour monter le lavabo?Merci
What wattage bulb can be used in this fixture?
Maximum bulb wattage? Minimum cord drop length?
Is there a remote for it?
Do you have a remote control dimmer?
is this light dimmable?
Re the farmhouse rattan pendant light drum ceiling light - can u make the cord any height u want ?
How long are the light with 15 boules? And hiw much lumen it haves?
Does this item work with the USA voltage? Is it 110 or 220?
Dimensions of the bowl please
Do you have ottoman for this chair? Can make in real leather?
Is this chandelier dimmable?
what incandescent wattage equivalent is the bulb? can this be put on a dimmer switch?
How long would it take to get this faucet?
quand peut on etre livre au plus vite ?
c'e' la misura lunghezza mt3,6o x1,60,grazie attendo risposta con ilcosto.
Wot days can I buy it
Can I use these for replacement fan light shades?
Does this sink come with the faucet
Hi, How long is the cord?
Is this lamp hardwired or cord and plug?
Hello! Does this light come with the bulbs? Or do we purchase separately?
Is the electrical cord and bulb for American AC current?
Does this clock run on a battery. If so what size
qu'elle est la hauteur du robinet?
Quali sono le dimensioni di queste tazze? grazie
What is the height?Also, I want the one shown in front of brown wall, which one is this exactly? White shade, white lights?
What type of electrical outlet comes with these fixtures? Will they work in the US?
Salve, In riferimento al vostro prodotto XR801B, avrei bisogno di sapere se i filetti dei flessibili sono adatti al montaggio con prodotti italiani. Grazie.
buongiorno,leggendo la descrizione dell'articolo, non sono riuscito a comprendere quale piatto riceverò acquistando e pagado per 12,20€.leonardo3397840049
is this a set of 2?
What is the product measurement bu inch
Hello is this lamp available for the European voltage? (220V)And what is the IP on it?Thank you in advance! Best, Iwetta
How long is each string of lights? I have very high ceilings.
is this dimmable?
Is this painted on the outside or pure blown glass?
Can this fan be installed with a sloped ceiling?
Do you have bigger ones
Are these UL rated?
Hello, I'd like to purchase 5 of these but am not sure how to pick the finish. Could you help me, please? Thank you, Joslyn Kipperman
Hi! How do I choose the brass color?
E' dimmerabile con telecomando?
Is this fixture approved and compatible for the USA market?
Are these pendants UL rated?
What size bulb is required for this pendant?
Buongiorno il prodotto e' in rame o in ottone?Grazie buongiorno
Compatible with USA standards? Can I adjust the height of the light?
Buongiorno qual è la misura dl prodotto?Grazie
Hello,For this light, where is the switch located? Or do you need to install a light switch on the wall for it? Thank you
Hello. What are the exterior dimensions of this item? I'm looking for something less than 4" tall (100 mm).
Hello,Can you tell me how wide the canopy is for this light, please? Also, what is the diameter for this light? Does it have adjustable cord for the length? It’s very hard to tell in the pictures. Thank you,Gina
Is the European style Macaron Antlers bedroom wall lamp UL listed and is it approved for damp locations... can I put it in a bathroom?
Really need to be able to plug lamps into a socket . I don’t suppose they are available to be able to do that?
You say they are suitable for bedrooms so is the light sufficient by the bed as a reading light? What is your returns policy please?
Dear Sir/Madam,I hv ordered the Wall Lights on last week but hv receipt until now,kindly pls adv the status.B.rgds,Heidi


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