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How to Clean a Chandelier

1. Remove the dust

Use a feather duster to quickly remove surface dust before you begin. Since you will be cleaning the light fixture, don't worry about being too thorough.

2. Prep the area

Preparing the area where you will be cleaning will save time later when you're reassembling your chandelier or letting it dry.

Wet method:

This method is best if your chandelier does not have removable crystals or if you don't have the time to remove each piece by hand. To prep for wet cleaning, lay a tarp on the ground under the light fixture. Cover each light bulb with a plastic bag and secure it with a rubber band or waterproof tape. Make sure not to leave any wiring exposed.

Dry method:

To prep using the dry method, first take a photo of your chandelier to document the placement of each crystal. Then place newspaper on a flat surface and begin removing your crystals. Try to arrange them in the right order on the newspaper to make re-hanging them easier.

3. Wipe down the fixture and crystals

Take the time to clean each individual crystal for the best results.

Wet method:

Use window cleaner or a spray bottle filled with chandelier cleaner and spray evenly over every part of the chandelier from each angle.

Dry method:

Individually spray each crystal with window cleaner and wipe it dry with a microfiber rag. Then clean the fixture that is still attached to the ceiling with a damp paper towel or cloth.

4. Let it dry

After you've washed your chandelier, give it some time to air-dry before reassembling it. If you used the wet method, let the cleaner drip onto the tarp and leave the lights off overnight to ensure that the fixture dries completely.

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